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Centre for Biomedical Law

Postgraduate Course in Medical Law

This course aimed to provide its audience with specialized legal training in medical law. 

The first part of the course - general part - consists of modules aimed at framing the Law of Medicine in the major dogmatic areas of Law: Constitutional, Administrative, Civil, Criminal, Labour, Confidentiality and Data Protection Law and Ethics Commissions. Special attention was paid to patients' rights and to civil, criminal and disciplinary liability of doctors.

In the second - the special part - multiple problematic domains of this legal branch were addressed in detail: Arbitrary Medical-Surgical Treatments and Interventions, H.I.V. and AIDS, Drug Addiction, Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy, Assisted Procreation, Surrogacy, Cloning, Mental Health, Clinical Trials, Prenatal Diagnosis, Harvesting and Transplanting Organs and Tissues, Transsexualism, the Medical Expert, Knowledge of the Human Genome and Biotechnology Patents.


Past courses

Saturday, October 9, 2004 to Saturday, April 2, 2005
Saturday, October 11, 2003 to Saturday, March 13, 2004
Saturday, October 12, 2002 to Saturday, March 22, 2003
Saturday, October 13, 2001 to Saturday, March 2, 2002
Saturday, October 7, 2000 to Wednesday, January 10, 2001
Saturday, October 9, 1999 to Saturday, January 29, 2000
Friday, October 23, 1998 to Friday, June 18, 1999
Friday, December 6, 1996 to Saturday, April 4, 1998