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Centro de Direito Biomédico

Projectos de investigação em 2009


(Investigadores: Guilherme de Oliveira, João Loureiro, Helena Moniz, Rafael Vale e Reis)

(Investigadores: Helena Moniz, Mafalda Castanheira Neves, João Pinto Monteiro)


(Investigadores: Helena Moniz, Sónia Fidalgo)


(Investigadores: André Dias Pereira, Maria Manuel Veloso)

- Candidatura ao financiamento da FCT do projecto de I&D, com o Projecto “Para um quadro legal de Responsabilidade Médica menos agressivo, mais eficaz e mais favorável à redução do erro médico”;

Evaluation Panel Statement and Rating
Overall rating: 86
Panel comments intended for the applicant: This project is potentially innovative as being the first large scale project to address an issue of international concern. The proposal could however benefit from concrete references and analysis of the connection of the proposed study to the literature. The references that do exist are somewhat dated and the proposed study would benefit from examinabition of existing no faulth medical systems, for example in Virginia and Florida, see Evaluation & the Health Professions, Vol. 18, No. 2, 137-151 (1995) DOI: 10.1177/016327879501800203; see also, http://jsg.legis.state.pa.us/Med%20Mal.html and : No-fault compensation for medical injuries: The prospect for error prevention," by Drs. Studdert and Brennan, in the July 11, 2001 Journal of the American Medical Association 286(2), pp. 217-223. The proposal would also benefit from more specific information about the methods of the project. As we understand it, the researchers will study case law of medical malpractice disputes and liability and also examine data bases on medical insurance. But it would have been useful to have a more clear picture of the indicators and benchmarks used to code the data and mine through it. The work of Kip Viscusi in the U.S. may be useful to the researchers in designing the study. The research team is well qualified to carry out the project. It consists of 14 scholars (ranging in age and experience) to be supplemented by four young researchers who will also pursue higher degrees as part of the project. The research team is primarily Portuguese but many of them have experience of involvement in international research projects and speaking at international conferences. A further element of internationalism is provided by the inclusion of two prominent Spanish scholars as consultatants. The publications record of team members is very good and includes a number of books and articles on topics including Penal responsibility in medical law, compensation for medical injury, and disciplinary responsibility in medical law. It can be expected that the results of this project will become an international reference source and will influence policy makers, legislators and scholars in Portugal and internationally. The project is very thoroughly planned and the proposed work is entirely feasible.

Colaboração na Candidatura ao financiamento da FCT doprojecto de I&D, com o Projecto “Base de Dados de perfis de ADN com propósitos forenses em Portugal – questões actuais de âmbito ético, prático e politico”;

Colaboração com o INML numa pré-candidatura ao financiamento da FCT para um Consórcio de I&D na área de ciência forense;

Acolhimento da investigadora Ana Dias Martinez (Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela - Espanha) para um estágio de pós-doutoramento

Acolhimento da investigadora Maria do Céu Rueff (Portugal) no âmbito de uma bolsa de pós-doutoramento da FCT